Thesalonians 5:23

Author John Crowder has proposed a translation (or perhaps more a translation/paraphrase) of 1Thess5:23 as follows:

“And himself, the God of peace, is the one who sets all of you apart completely. Your whole spirit, soul and body is preserved blameless until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will preserve you”

Do you think the Greek supports this translation? It seems to hinge on how one treats the aorist optative hAGIASAI (which from Wallace, I believe is a voluntative optative – I’m an NT Greek beginner), but I am not sure whether it can be pressed this far. I’d appreciate any comments you may have.

Many thanks

Adrian Clark

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8 thoughts on “Thesalonians 5:23

  1. Carl Conrad says:

    Yes, in Phil 2:12 the sense of παρουσία PAROUSIA clearly is “presence,” but this appears to be the only instance among the 24 in the GNT of the word where it does in fact mean “being present” rather than “arrival.” The central theme of 1 Thess is the expectation of the “coming” of the Lord and the behavior of the Thessalonian congregation as a consequence of their expectation of its imminence. Several words in the passage also suggest that the optatives signaling Paul’s petitions here involve the peril of loss of integrity of body or spirit in the course of calamitous events: hOLOTELEIS, hOLOKLHRON, AMEMPTWS — and the very presence of the verb THRHQEIH itself points in the same direction. The whole context points to preservation of integrity of selfhood at a critical point in time.

    Carl W. Conrad Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

  2. Vasileios Tsialas says:

    Correction to my last message: The correct verse is 2The 2:8.

    Vasileios Tsialas

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  3. "=)" says:

    Sorry I also quoted the wrong text; I also was referring to 2 Thes 2:8 haha..

    2011/6/6 Vasileios Tsialas

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