New Testament • Re: a temporal reference in Heb. 4:15

I read the original post and saw nothing objectionable in what was being proposed. I read it again to see if I missed something. I waited and read it 14hrs later. I still see nothing objectionable. The second temporal sphere is implied not expressed. It could be NOW or at any time in the future.
What you say is confusing, at least to me. The OP talks about "present participle", but the only present participle in the sentence has nothing to do with time of the testing. And you say "second temporal sphere..." What second temporal sphere? Then you say "It could be NOW or at any time in the future". Does that refer to the same temporal sphere than what the OP refers to, to the time of testing? In that case what you say and how the OP interprets it contradict each other, because he thinks it's NOW (but apparently not at any time in the future).

Statistics: Posted by Eeli Kaikkonen — October 21st, 2022, 2:54 pm

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