New Testament • Re: John 8:25

Textus Receptua and Nestle Aland both use ὅ τι Now the interesting thing to me is that the τι has no accent and therefore is an indefinite pronoun. So, how is ὅ τι to be translated?
An Exegetical Summary of John 1-8[1] says this:
TEXT—Some manuscripts read ὅ τι ‘that-which something’, others read ὅτι ‘that’, others are indeterminate between ὅ τι ‘that-which something’ and ὅτι ‘that’. Also some Latin manuscripts plus a patristic quotation read qui ‘which’. GNT reads ‘that-which something’ with a B rating, indicating that the text is almost certain.
[1] Trail, R. (2013). An Exegetical Summary of John 1–9 (p. 433). Dallas, TX: SIL International.

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