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“Why study Greek?” Kevin W. Woodruff cierpke at prodigy.net
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“Why study Greek?” “Why study Greek?” Jayce:I can give you my reasons for studying Greek:1. My theological reasonSince I hold to the doctrine of verbal inspiration of the originals, I feelthat a study of Greek is imperitive. If it is indeed the very words of God,then it is imcumbent upon us to know to the best of our ability what we arebeing told. 2. My linguistic reason for studying Greek:The English language is constantly changing and we need new translations. Inchoosing these new translation we need a “benchmark” by which to gaugetranslations. Greek gives us that benchmark3. My practical reason for studying Greek:To be able to find out why English versions differ.In additon Greek has many nuances that are not always apparent to theEnglish reader. If you can get a hold of Martin Luther’s letter “To the Councilmen of allthe Cities of Germany that They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools.”he gives ten pages of reasons why Christians should learn the biblicallanguages. Luther’s Works, vol 45, pages 357-367 (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1962)KevinAt 02:37 PM 12/11/1999, you wrote:>From: Jayce C. Edwards>e-mail: hellojayce at aol.com> > “Why study Greek?”> >This was the question posed to me at a church leadership meeting recently, >when I asked them if anyone was interested in learning NT Greek. I have >been asked to teach NT Greek to a group of interested church members. It >has always been my dream to teach Greek, and having pastored for eight >years, the time has arrived when I may well have the opportunity. I have >paid close attention to the many discussions about first year Grammars, and >thank everyone on the list for their input. Here’s my question:> > How would you answer the question, “Why study Greek?” if posed to you?> >I would love to compile a list of your answers and share them with my >potential students, as well as with those brave souls that take up the >joyous work of learning Greek. I am glad to be a part of this list and look >foward to your many helpful remarks.> >CARIS to all!> >Jayce C. Edwards>Senior Pastor>Huntington Massachusetts> >“Ve git too soon old, and too late schmart!”> > >> home page: http://sunsite.unc.edu/>You are currently subscribed to as: cierpke at prodigy.net>To unsubscribe, forward this message to$subst(‘Email.Unsub’)>To subscribe, send a message to subscribe- at franklin.oit.unc.edu> > > Kevin W. Woodruff, M.Div.Library Director/Reference LibrarianProfessor of New Testament GreekCierpke Memorial LibraryTennessee Temple University/Temple Baptist Seminary1815 Union Ave. Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404United States of America423/493-4252 (office)423/698-9447 (home)423/493-4497 (FAX)Cierpke at prodigy.net (preferred)kwoodruf at utkux.utcc.utk.edu (alternate)http://web.utk.edu/~kwoodruf/woodruff.htm

“Why study Greek?””Why study Greek?”

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