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Romans 14:14

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In the NT, the adjective KOINOS occurs twelve times.   In the A.V., it is translated as follows: “common” 7 times “unclean” 3 times “defiled” 1 time “unholy” 1 time   Three times it is translated as “unclean” and only in Romans 14:14.   In the Latin Vulgate of Romans 14:14, KOINON is translated by the Latin word communem, from whence we get the English word “common.”   In Acts 10;14, Peter distinguishes between KOINON and AKATHARTON which is translated by Jerome in the Vulgate as commune and inmundum, respectively, and into English as “common” and “unclean” in most, if not all, of the major English translations.   Then, in Romans 14:14, Jerome translates the Greek adjective KOINON by the Latin word commune, but most, if not all, English translations translate KOINON as “unclean.”   Wouold it be acceptable to translate KOINON as “common” as it is done so 7/12 times in the other scriptures?

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