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John 3:12

Please see below John 3.9-14 for context.

Most translations I checked do not see a paragraph break after John 3.12. The abrupt change in subject seems too severe to me to join verse 13 to 12 as if we are to read verse 13 as the next sentence in this paragraph. What would be the justification for NOT seeing a full break at this 90 degree turn by John at the conclusion of verse 12? There is no continuation of previously developed material, right? Does anyone have a translation that does make a paragraph break after 3.12?

9απεκριθη νικοδημος και ειπεν αυτω πως δυναται ταυτα γενεσθαι    10απεκριθη ιησους και ειπεν αυτω συ ει ο διδασκαλος του ισραηλ και ταυτα ου γινωσκεις    11αμην αμην λεγω σοι οτι ο οιδαμεν λαλουμεν και ο εωρακαμεν μαρτυρουμεν και την μαρτυριαν ημων ου λαμβανετε    12ει τα επιγεια ειπον υμιν και ου πιστευετε πως εαν ειπω υμιν τα επουρανια πιστευσετε Full Break

13και ουδεις αναβεβηκεν εις τον ουρανον ει μη ο εκ του ουρανου καταβας ο υιος του ανθρωπου    14και καθως μωυσης υψωσεν τον οφιν εν τη ερημω ουτως υψωθηναι δει τον υιον του ανθρωπου

Eddie Mishoe