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Luke 10:28

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I’m trying to determine if there is any real difference between PLHSION (in Luke 10:28,30) and GEITWN in Luke 15:9. I’m wondering,k having looked at both BDAG and Louw-Nida, if there is any real difference between these two . It’s unclear to me that FILAS and GEITONAS in Luke 15:9 are meant to be synonymous. It seems rather to me that Jesus is drawing a large circle to make a point. The woman invites both female friends and neighbors (of any gender). Any thoughts about possible distinctions between these two words, PLHSION and GEITWN? Or are these essentially synonyms, like teh verbs AGAPAW and FILEW in John’s Gospel?

Ken Litwak Azusa Pacific University Azusa, CA

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