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Luke 2:48

Luke 2:48 “. . . your father and I”

This is evidently not GS, but I’m not sure how to say exactly why.
Apparently it’s over the word, KAGW, which appears to be a contraction
for “and-I”

Would the disqualification then be because a contraction doesn’t count
as a KAI, or would it be that “I” is considered a proper name? Or
some other reason?

John 17:3 — as I recall, a hundred years or so ago, I thought that
this was a valid GS:

The only True God AND Whom You sent, Jesus Christ. That “The only
True God” was thus identified with “Whom You sent.” As I remember,
Dr. Conrad affirmed this, though I’m not too sure I understood him
right, now.

The question is whether the ON in KAI ON APOSTEILAS is an article.
Some references say “it might be.”

Wallace seems to to me to make John 17:3 and 1 John 5:20 “identical
twin” passages in a discussion in GGBB.

If not so, the verse seems quite singular, to say the least.