Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: John 4:24 Does It actually Say?: πνεῦμα ὁ θεός

In Greek, words are transformed depending what they do in a sentence. It's the same word, πνεῦμα, but it has been transformed into πνεύματι following ἐν.

Your links write this πνεύματι as ΠΝΙ with the line above. One of the nomina sacra again.
So it was Transformed for the second use in the Verse? And because It was Transformed It Tells us that Its use changed ...or just how It is used in a Sentence? Curious that It is Sacred for the second use also. Should i not find It odd that SPIRIT and GOD are right next to each other without anything between them?

Can you point out the start of the Verse here in this link? i think this is the oldest one available:

https://manuscripts.csntm.org/manuscrip ... =John.4.24

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