Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Properly distinguishing between the various words for “strike”: ῥαπίζω, κολαφίζω, δέρω, πλήσσω, παίω, κρούω…

I'm not qualified to comment on all of the uses of these, but I just wanted to comment on this one:
I see that the image behind τύπτω for instance is very clear, about the hammering of a smith, or the minting of a coin.
I'm not sure that this is correct.

I associate this word with the scene in the LGPSI where the children are fighting and τύπτω is used repeatedly to talk about the kids beating each other and the father beating the kids. When I see the word, that's the mental image that I get.

So I checked L&S, and this is what it says:
- beat, strike, smite, knock
- metaphorically, strike or smite at heart (α'χος ο'ξυ κατα φρενα τυψε - sharp grief smote him to the heart)
- to beat the sea with oars / to row (note: somewhere I read - was it here? - that this word was used as a rowing chant because of its rhythmic sound...)
- beating, lashing, striking
- beat one's breast for grief, mourn for a person
- passive: to be beaten, struck, or wounded

I'm reading it all as very much the striking of a person (aside from the boat rowing), and don't see any mention of hammering/smithing or such.

(but someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I'm wrong!)

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