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βαρις and πυργόβαρις are only attested in the Septuagint and Josephus
The biggest difficulty with the word origin is that this isn't true. The LSJ mentions the two authors in Herodianus, "λέγεται βάρις ἡ οἰκία, ὡς Ποσείδιππος, καὶ ἡ συνοικία ὡς Ἔφορος." And from the LSJ supplement, in a letter from a Seleucid king (twice that I see). The two other references given are from the LSJ, IGBulg. 400.5 and Insc.Magn. 122 d 4-8 (Rom.imp.), and I haven't tried to track them down.

Separately I found it in the Book of Jubilees, 37:17, "τὰς πύλας τῆς βάρεως", translated from the Hebrew Leptogenesis.

Jerome seems to have incorrectly (given the above) thought that it was a specially Palestine-area usage:
Pro eo quod nos transtulimus domibus eburneis, quia in Graeco scriptum est ἀπὸ βαρέων ἐλεφαντίνων quidam Latinorum ob verbi ambiguitatem, a gravibus interpretati sunt, cum βάρις verbum sit ἐπιχώριον Palaestinae: et usque hodie domus ex omni parte conclusae, et in modum aedificatae turrium ac moenium publicorum, βάρεις appellentur.

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