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John 5:44

KAI THN DOXAN THN PARA TOU MONOU QEOU OU ZHTEITE –John 5:44 ” . . . and seek not the honour that comes from God alone?”

“A Grammar of New Testament Greek,” by James Hope Moulton, Vol. III-Syntax, by Nigel Turner, pg. 225-226: “There is therefore not surprisingly some confusion of monos with the adv. monon . . . In Jn 5:44 monou is best TAKEN ADVERBIALLY; not from him who alone is God, but only from God (Jewish monotheism was unimpeachable; Jesus was referring to their love of human praise), in spite of the word order. Lk 5:21 adv. monos.”

Bible translators generally appear not to agree that MONOU should be taken adverbially here; can anyone comment on why?

Daniel Buck