1 Corinthians 11:6

I would appreciate a little help/direction please on 1 Corinthians
11:6 (pleae excuse the Romanisation)

6 ei <1487> gar <1063> ou <3756> katakaluptetai <2619> (5743) gunh
<1135> kai <2532> keirasyw <2751> (5669) ei <1487> de <1161> aiscron
<150> gunaiki <1135> to <3588> keirasyai <2751> (5670) h <2228>
xurasyai <3587> (5745) katakaluptesyw <2619> (5744)

Its the sense of keirasyw <2751> (5670) and xurasyai <3587> (5745)

Everything I can find on xurasyai suggests shaving to the skin –
smooth as in smooth wood.

Am I correct to take it that keirasyw means as we would expect to see
a hand shorn sheep?

Are there degrees of hair trimming in Koine Greek?

Or does keirasyw cover any kind of hair trimming severe or lessor?

Appreciate it if any one has ever looked into this please, as I have
come up against a blank on it so far.


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