Peter 1:2,3

I’m struggling with the grammar of II Peter 1:2,3. To which noun, God or Jesus Christ, do the pronouns in verse 3 relate to? Normally it would be the nearest antecedent. What other issues must be considered?

2 cavri” uJmi’n kaiV eijrhvnh plhqunqeivh ejn ejpignwvsei tou’ qeou’ kaiV jIhsou’ tou’ kurivou hJmw’n. 3 JW” pavnta hJmi’n th'” qeiva” dunavmew” aujtou’ taV proV” zwhVn kaiV eujsevbeian dedwrhmevnh” diaV th'” ejpignwvsew” tou’ kalevsanto” hJma'” ijdiva/ dovxh/ kaiV ajreth’/,

2 caris umin kai eirēnēplēthuntheiv en epignōsei tou theou kai Iēsou tou kuriou ēmōn. 3 Ws panta ēmin tēs theias dunameōs autou . . .


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