Ephesians 5:16

David wrote

Hi, David,

I agree, but if you try to teach yourself to use Ancient Greek as a living language, it opens up all sorts of time you have throughout the day that you cannot use for just reading Greek or reading about Greek. You can listen to Greek while you wash the dishes. You can talk to your dog in Greek while taking him on a walk. (βλεπε τον δενδρον, ω κυον!) You can translate songs you hear on the radio into Greek and you can sing them while you drive. If you have to take notes at a staff meeting, you can take them in Greek. If you have time to text a friend, there is no reason why you cannot text him in Greek. You can practice speaking Greek to yourself while making copies or waiting for an elevator or watering the plants. Paul in another context called this εξαγοραζομενος τον καιρον. (Eph 5:16)

Carl wrote:

<…one of the most fascinating exercises we ever had was converting the NY Times editorial endorsing Kennedy for President into Ciceronian Latin in the Fall of 1960.>

Then you probably know what is Latin for “He came. He saw. He looks better on television.”

Mark L Φωσφορος


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