John 11:16

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Tue May 6 09:19:28 EDT 2003


[] VCincent’s WORD STUDIES [] Greek trivia: all the letters… Dear all,in John 11:16, Thomas says agwmen kai hJmeiv iJnaajpoqanwmen met autou. I always think that met autouin this sentence is refering to Jesus. Buat I read onecommentary that said that met autou in this sentenceis refering to Lazarus. Is this gramatically right? One again, can you give me the aorist subjuctiveactive for grafw? Because i can’t find it, and thepassive of aorist subjuctive of grafw is look like theaorist subjunctive active for others word.Thanks Lala Su __________________________________Do you Yahoo!?The New Yahoo! Search – Faster. Easier. Bingo.


[] VCincent’s WORD STUDIES[] Greek trivia: all the letters…

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