John 20:16

John 20:16 RABBOUNI Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Tue Oct 16 07:31:57 EDT 2001

Fronting John 20:16 RABBOUNI Text: LEGEI AUTHi IHSOUS: MARIAM. STRAFEISA EKEINH LEGEI AUTWi hEBRAISTI:RABBOUNI (hO LEGETAI DIDASKALE).I’ve been asked off-list whether I don’t think that “RABBOUNI” is an overlystiff and formal term for Mary to use for the Jesus whom she only now,after he has called her by name, recognizes. My response was that I thoughtit expressed simultaneous respect and adoration, but quite frankly I don’tknow what the implications and connotations of that term might be in thissetting in Aramaic and thought it worth asking our Aramaic people on thelist–Randall, Jack, others?–to comment. My correspondent says he couldn’timagine addressing a risen Lord with a term like “Doctor” or”Professor”–but I wonder whether, in the culture of the passage,”Teacher!” would really be so out of place.Wie moechten denn die gelehrten Herren Doktoren zu antworten?– Carl W. ConradDepartment of Classics, Washington University (Emeritus)Most months: 1647 Grindstaff Road/Burnsville, NC 28714/(828) 675-4243cwconrad at OR cwconrad at ioa.comWWW:

FrontingJohn 20:16 RABBOUNI

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