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Fri Aug 9 12:42:46 EDT 2002


PHROW and PWROW Rom. 2:6-8–why nominatives in THAT slot? MH KAI hUMEIS QELETE AUTOU MAQHTAI GENESQAI;All the English translations I have seem to translate this along the linesof “Do you want to become his disciples too?” From my reading of John itseems that he keeps a very clear grammatical distinction between negativequestions with OU and those with MH, in which the former are usuallyrhetorical and expect the answer yes (e.g. 7:19, ‘Didn’t Moses give you thelaw?’) and the latter either expect the answer no or come somewhere close toit (e.g. 6:67, ‘You don’t want to leave as well, do you?’ ).So shouldn’t this verse best be translated something like, “You don’t wantto become his disciples too, do you?”, which would give quite a differentattitude and feel to the whole dialogue?Can anybody shed any helpful light on this one, and perhaps put better thanI can the distinction between MH and OU in these cases?Dan King


PHROW and PWROWRom. 2:6-8–why nominatives in THAT slot?

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