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That single BCE-Papyrus is the one I mentioned in my opening post (by the way: It’s nice that Papyri.info and https://www.papyrusportal.de/content/start.xml) have the possibility to do a text-search).

Yes, You’re right, that NT-Witnesses are all from ca 70 CE and later, but what I meant was, they claim, that Jesus used the word δηναριον, and the Lifetime of Jesus is exactly the time without any written witness of δηναριον, whilst in that time there are many Papyri, and many of them have δραχμη.

Provocative Question:
Would Jesus in Mt 18:28 (the Story of The Master, releaving a servant and canceling his debt of 10000 Talents, that same servant had another servant thrown in the jail because he had a debt of 100 “δηναρια”) have used the word δηναριον or would it be more plausible, he had used δραχμη?
The same goes for Luke 7:41, 10:35 etc.

None of the Instances in the NT have witnesses (in the INTF-Database) that give a deviating reading (for instance δραχμη for δηναριον).

The only instance, where probably only a δηναριον fits is the Parallel-Story of the Coin with the picture of Caesar Mt 22:19, Mk 12:15 and Luke 20:24 (Mt 22:19 : Jesus doesn’t use the word δηναριον but το νομισμα του κηνςου = coin of taxes).

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