Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Job 37:9

This seems to be mostly nonsense. I recommend the Academy as a great place to go wild with your ideas.

1. You've replaced ἐπέρχονται with the fantastically incorrect βαίνουσα, a feminine participle, which does not agree with your masculine "τυφών", and robs the sentence of a finite verb.

2. Brenton is translating the manuscripts' ὀδύναι, not Grabe's conjectured δῖναι. Hence "troubles".

3. ταμιείων, treasuries plural, is simply a literal translation for the Hebrew term. In Job 9:9 the idea has already occurred as ταμιεῖα νότου, "chamber of the south/south-wind". As this southern "chamber" is not a Greek idea, the rationale behind the idiom needs to be looked for in the Hebrew source, not the Greek translation. Robert Alter, in his note to Job 9:9, suggests that the "South Wind's chambers" could refer to some mythological concept, given the proximity to the constellations in that verse.

4. The storms/whirlwinds out of the South show up in quite a few verses of the OT, according to the commentaries. (See Isaiah 21:1 and Zech 9:14, which the LXX translates imprecisely/incorrectly in both instances.)

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