Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Apophthegmata Patrum 18. Aesop-ish?

Joel, It’s your incorrigible chutzpah that gets my goat. Usually I just let it go, as with that nonsense over a purported accusative absolute in Thucydides (and now again in Xenophon), but sometimes I feel bound to protest.
And if you owe me any thanks it would not be for my rhetoric but for my patient efforts to help you with your Greek earlier on. Of course your Greek is much stronger now, while mine, as you have insinuated, is probably going downhill.

In this Mark passage most of your points (made so very tendentiously, as I say) seemed to me weak to say the least. αποστελλει is αποστελλει παλιν ωδε, and the switch from aorist to present (and back again) occurs again in this very passage. But it must be a wonderful thing to have your self-assurance.

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