Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Luke 12:20. Who are “they”?

I think Vers 15:11 and 19 make it clear:

οτι ηγνοησεν τον πλασαντα αυτον και τον εμπνευσαντα αυτω ψυχην ενεργουσαν και εμφυσαντα πνευμα ζωτικον

because he did not know the one who molded him and infused him with an active soul and breathed into him a life-giving spirit

And at the end (15:19):
εκπεφευγεν δε και τον του θεου επαινον και την ευλογιαν αυτου
but they have escaped the approval as well as the blessing of God

The Short Version of David:
Man can only mold lifeless things, God is the one that can infuse life into lifeless things.

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