Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Luke 12:20. Who are “they”?

NA28 and Kittel Theological Dictionary (Lemma : απαιτεω) say that Lk 12:20 refers to LXX Sap. (σοφια σαλομονος) 15:8 :
The LXX uses a Passive: το της ψυχης απαιτηθεις χρεος (Rahlfs II, 368) (when the soul, which was lent him is demanded back; A new english translation of the Septuagint, 2007, 710).

In that case it’s clearly God, when Lk 12:20 uses “they”.

Statistics: Posted by Jean Putmans — Wed Oct 25, 2023 7:18 am

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