Koine and Biblical and Medieval Greek • Re: Luke 12:20. Who are “they”?

According to my Dictionaries (Schneider 1797, Jacobitz, Passow, Pape, LSJ, Brill) απαιτεω means “ demand back” and “demand, require”. In the last sense it is a demand/request You. cannot refuse (like the demand to pay taxes!).

Luther knew the meaning “demand back” (Luke 6:30 “voddere wider”).

But here in 12:20 he took it as the demand in the second sense: They will demand Your life/soul (and you cannot refuse to give it)

Who are “They” : hat’s an exegetical question (not my thing: I am an atheist).

Regarding the Plural:
Some commentators say it’s probably a semitic-influenced impersonal Plural, that is equivalent to a (in Greek more usual) passive construction.

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