Luke 18:4

Luke 18:4a Steven Lo Vullo doulos at
Fri Oct 19 22:57:07 EDT 2001

Luke 18:4a hEPTA + KIS? on 10/19/01 8:43 PM, B. D. Colt at babc2 at wrote:> KAI OUK HQELEN EPI CRONON.> > I understand the words all right but I don’t get the point to EPI CRONON.> What does it mean in the sentence and why? If it is an idiom, do you know> of similar examples?Forgot to answer your second question!I think the same usage of EPI with an accusative indicating “the extent oftime within a unit” can be found in Ac 13.31; 16.18; 27.20. Note that theseare also Lucan. Cf. also Heb 11.30.– Steven Lo VulloMadison, WI

Luke 18:4ahEPTA + KIS?

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