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Fwd: BDAG publication Mounce: Enough already? Thank you Steven, Now that you mention it, I am much more familiar with the use of the hendiadysin Hebrew, as a figure of speech used with two substantives.Thanks again,BrianWestern Sem StudentSteven Craig Miller wrote:> Brian Swedburg wrote:> > << What about a hendiadys? Using the two words connected by the ‘kai’ to> refer to one thing, ie… “gladly rejoice!” >>> > All the examples of hendiadys in BDF and Smyth are those of substantives> connected by KAI, are there (other) examples of hendiadys with Greek verbs?> I also noticed that of the six examples of hendiadys quoted in BDF> (442.16), the NRSV only accepted one of them as a hendiadys (at Acts 23:6).> And C. K. Barrett, in his commentary on Acts, comments on Acts 23:6 saying:> “The line of argument is not greatly altered if ‘hope’ and ‘resurrection’> are distinguished.”> > Does an hendiadys merely mark a non-literal translation? Or is hendiadys a> real grammatical phenomenon of the Greek language? Or is it perhaps a> little of both?> > -Steven Craig Miller> Alton, Illinois (USA)> scmiller at> > “Words are like people. To know them well one must meet them on their own> level, in their own environment. In different circumstances they react> differently. Like a face they take on varying expressions. Some of them> move from place to place; some never return to their earlier familiar> surroundings. But to know their past is to know a little better what makes> them act as they do in the present” (Frederick W. Danker, “Multipurpose> Tools for Bible Study,” 1993:135).> >> home page:> You are currently subscribed to as: brian at> To unsubscribe, forward this message to $subst(‘Email.Unsub’)> To subscribe, send a message to subscribe- at————– next part ————–An HTML attachment was scrubbed…URL:

Fwd: BDAG publicationMounce: Enough already?

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