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  1. Is it possible that in Eph. 2:18 OTI is to be understood emphatically, rather than as a causal subordinator or relative? Can anyone cite for me several examples of OTI in such a usage, both from biblical texts and from non-biblical hellenistic texts?

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  2. As I have no resources ready to hand for extra-biblical Greek in my mountain hideaway, I can’t cite such instances. I am, however, one of those who think Ephesians is stylistically different from the undisputably Pauline letters in several ways. I think that hOTI is indeed emphatic here, but I would not be inclined to argue that it is extraordinary. Had DI’ AUTOU GAR EXOMEN … been written instead of hOTI DI’ AUTOU EXOMEN … the essential sense would not be significantly different but the rhetorical emphasis would be weaker. I think hOTI is emphatic enough here that it would be appropriate to translate this verse as: “The reason is that … ”

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