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John 2:12

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Greetings b-greekers —

I am looking at the textual note for John 2:12 in my UBS GNT, 4th revised edition.

The first manuscript listed for the first variant is a curlicue P (meaning papyrus) with superscript 66c.

I see P66 in the table at the front of the book, but I’m wondering about the “c.” For “Location” the table says “Cologny; Dublin; Cologne.” Does the “c” by chance mean that the papyrus is extant in three parts, in three places? And the part including John 2:12 is in Cologne?

I googled P66 and found a wikipedia reference to the Bodner Papyrii, of which P66 is evidently one, but I find no clue as to P66c. Also, the wikipedia article says P66 is in Cologny, Switzerland; nothing about Dublin or Cologne.

I can’t find anything in the introduction that explains this particular point, or I guess now I have 2 questions:

(1) what does the “c” in “P66c” mean and (2) what do the other 2 locations “Dublin” and “Cologne” signify, for P66?

And a third:

(3) is there a good online master cross-reference to the ancient manuscripts listed in my GNT? trying to google e.g. “P66 papyrus Dublin” is opening a can of worms… I found K C Hanson’s list at but it only lists P66 at Cologny…

Thanks so much for your help!

Susan Jeffers