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Give God Glory!

Mt 21:31 Jim West jwest at Highland.Net Sat Mar 6 11:28:09 EST 1999   Mt 18:18 Pluperfect Give God glory! What think ye….does “oi telwnai kai ai pronai proagousin umas eis thn basileian tou qeou”imply that the Pharisees will get in- just behind the wretched hordes; or isthere no such implication intended?Thanks,j.+++++++++++++++++++++++++Jim West, ThDQuartz Hill…

Mark 3:1

New Testament • Re: Two Questions about Mark 3:1-3
Wes Wood wrote:
Thanks for the responses the indirect question makes perfect sense. And the second part I don’t have a problem with either. I am meaning authorial foreshadowing inside the pericope, however. Nothing more than the author tipping his hand to what is going to happen in the narrative.

It’s a completely ordinary phrase as Timothy pointed out. It is easy to find its usage as simply “arise” in places like Mat 2:13, 9:19 26:46, Mark 10:49 14:42,. It clearly implies rising from a settled position, but nothing more. In fact, Luke 6:8 makes very clear what “εγειρε”/”εγειραι” in Mark 3:3 means.

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Ephesians 3:1

Ephesians 3.1

Ephesians 3.1 Al Lukaszewski alski at Tue May 4 00:25:00 EDT 1999   FWIW: Relatively easy classical Greek texts Help with PhD Dissertation Pre-topic Dear Listmembers:I would be interested in hearing what everyone thinks of the syntax, inEphesians 3.1, of TOUTOU XARIN and whether the sentence should beunderstood as with an understood EIMI or…