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Category Archives: 2 Peter

2 Peter 1:2,3


I’m struggling with the grammar of II Peter 1:2,3. To which noun, God or Jesus Christ, do the pronouns in verse 3 relate to? Normally it would be the nearest antecedent. What other issues must be considered? 2 cavri” uJmi’n kaiV eijrhvnh plhqunqeivh ejn ejpignwvsei tou’ qeou’ kaiV jIhsou’ tou’ kurivou hJmw’n. 3 JW” pavnta […]

2 Peter 3:12


2 Peter 3:12 – PROSDOKWNTAS KAI SPEUDONTAS THN PAROUSIAN THS TOU QEOU hHMERASIs it possible to take the participles as a sort of hendiadys and PAROUSIAN as an accusative of respect and understand the sense to the effect of “with eager anticipation working diligently as regards the coming of the day of God” or such? […]

2 Peter 3:9


Is there an antecedent for the TIVAS in 2 Pet. 3:9? Ren Preston —