Mark 3:29

the sense of ENOXOS ESTIN (Mk 3:29) Jeffrey B. Gibson jgibson000 at Sun Dec 5 22:35:18 EST 1999   help w. METAGGI(SAS) and Epiphanius (mildly off topic) help w. METAGGI(SAS) and Epiphanius (mildly off topic) In Mk 3:29 the author of Mark has Jesus proclaiming that anyone whoblasphemes against the Holy Spirit OUK EXEI…

Mark 1:12

[] EKBALLEI: simple word in strange context (Mk 1:12)? Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at Thu Feb 20 14:35:11 EST 2003   [] RE: Why learn Greek? [] EKBALLEI: simple word in strange context (Mk 1:12)? Having begun to work on a short commentary on Mark’s gospel I’m noticing”obvious” things I’ve never paid any attention…

Mark 16:4

“anakulio”, the stone was “rolled up MK 16 4

[] MK 16:4 Stuart pinellaspt at Mon May 2 18:26:27 EDT 2005   [] Antiquities 18.64 [] MK 16:4 Greetings;I am currently interpreting Mark 16:4, and would appreciate any insight as to a discrepancy between texts. Westscott-Hort has “anakulio”, the stone was “rolled up”, but UBS and BYZ have “apokulio”, it was “rolled away”.…

Mark 8:35

Mk 8 35 37, YUCH

Mk 8:35-37, YUCH Joe A. Friberg JoeFriberg at Mon Dec 20 20:36:43 EST 1999 Philippians 2:6 Philippians 2:6 Interpretations of 8.35:Paul Dixon (PD):> > << whoever desires to save his life (eternally) shall lose it> (temporally)> > and whoever loses his life temporally on account of me and the> > gospel, shall find it…

Mark 5:42

New Testament • Re: γαρ again in Mk 5:42

Levinsohn is using strengthening as a technical term. It is a fallacy to assume that a technical term means what the non-technical meaning might suggest. One has to study his usage of the term to understand what it means. I haven’t seen any disagreement yet on the actual substance, just unwarranted extrapolations from the particular name he gave to the function. Labels aren’t definitions.

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