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Revelation 2:1


B-Greek: The Biblical Greek Forum /////////////////////////////////////////// What does this text mean? Re: ANGELO of Rev 2:1 Posted: 10 Sep 2012 08:01 PM PDT Hi Joe: the reason, in Rev 2:1, it is “Write to (someone)” is because of the presense of the indirect object of the imperative “Write”. Rev 2:1 starts off with τῷ […]

Revelation 3:3


Scott Lawson wrote: At Revelation 3:19 the aorist is used and I note that BDAG gives the gloss μετανόησον = take counsel with yourself but I wonder if “show yourself repentant” or “show repentance” are possible so as to reflect the active voice? I realize that BDAG’s gloss seems to reflect a middle voice. How […]

Revelation 21:5


I’m translating Rev 21:5 and the word καθήμενος is giving me some trouble. The parsing code for this word is (participle.present middle.nominative singular masculine). I would form this word as follows: καθη + ο + μενο + ς So my question is: why doesn’t the η + ο contract to ω? thank-you for your […]