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Category Archives: Mark

Mark 1:1


This is rather a quick question on a first read of Mark 1:1: Should the genitive “of Jesus Christ” be translated as a possessive belonging to the “Gospel” in the first clause? Also, isn’t the clumsiness of the phrase, rather hanging at the end sufficient proof for its later addition in B D W /al/ […]

Mark 16:9


B-Greekers: I rejected the following message originally on grounds that it was a translation question posed by a poster who doesn’t read Biblical Greek. After giving it some thought, however, I think that the question itself is worthy of some discussion by you B-Greekers. Here’s the text: Ἀναστὰς δὲ πρωῒ πρώτῃ σαββάτου ἐφάνη πρῶτον Μαρίᾳ […]

Mark 15:12


Dear B-Greekers, “O DE PILATOS PALIN APOKRIQEIS ELEGEN AUTOIS, TI OUN [QELETE] POIHSW [ON LEGETE] TON BASILEA TWN IOUDAIWN;” (Mark 15:12). Instead of the accusative “TON BASILEA”, would the dative – for indirect object – not have been more natural? Thankyou, Andrew J. Birch. Palma de Mallorca, Spain —